Behind the Blog and the Makeup |25 Facts About Me

Makeup is one of my greatest passions and it is part of who I am, but at the end of the day, when I take my makeup off, I am still the same person. In light of this, I will be sharing 25 facts about myself - the face behind the blog and the makeup!


Announcement: Blushing Blondettes

Hello, everyone! I have a special announcement to make today on Makeup By Makena. My three best friends and I have created our own beauty and lifestyle blog called Blushing Blondettes!


Best of Beauty | 2016

Hello, everyone and happy New Year's Eve! Today is the day, we have all been waiting for 0 my Best of Beauty for 2016! I will be sharing ten of my most favorite drugstore and high-end makeup products for the entire year, so keep reading! BeautyBlender: This is definitely my top favorite from the entire… Continue reading Best of Beauty | 2016


My Winter Makeup Edit | 12 Days of Christmas

Eyes   Sephora "Faux Fur Jacket" Eyeshadow: As you can tell from all of my makeup tutorials, I love warm-toned eyeshadows, but I do try to incorporate more cool-tones into my routine for winter, and this taupe shade with cool bronze undertones is very nice! I really enjoy washing this color over my lid for… Continue reading My Winter Makeup Edit | 12 Days of Christmas


My Favorite Underrated Beauty Bloggers & YouTubers

Watching beauty videos on Youtube and reading beauty blog posts is one of my favorite things to do and although I absolutely love the famous beauty influencers like Jaclyn Hill, I also love other bloggers who are equally talented, but far less well-known. For my 8th day of the Twelve Days of Christmas, I will… Continue reading My Favorite Underrated Beauty Bloggers & YouTubers

Makeup Looks, Other

Day-to-Night Makeup for the Holidays | 12 Days of Christmas

During the holidays, we are constantly busy - running errands, spending time with family, and getting dressed up for special occasions all in one day! However, completely redoing your makeup in the middle of the day for a different event it is not realistic, so I am going to teach you how to transition your… Continue reading Day-to-Night Makeup for the Holidays | 12 Days of Christmas


Lippies and Lyrics | 12 Days of Christmas

Last year, I came up with the idea of creating a post in which I write about my favorite lip products and songs for the holiday season, and since Christmas is all about traditions, I will also ┬ábe doing my Lippies and Lyrics again for this Twelve Days of Christmas. Grab some festive snacks, and… Continue reading Lippies and Lyrics | 12 Days of Christmas